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Motorhome Aftersales care

BC Motorhomes is dedicated to our After Sales and customer service. Our ongoing services provide an affordable solution to ensure your motorhomes maintenance is how it should be to keep you on the road.

We have a great team of experienced mechanics and technicians that will take care of your beloved motorhome.

We also offer great additions of optional extras to make your experience as smooth and most enjoyable as possible.

  • Overnight parking provided
  • We can book you in to local sites
Alde approved servicing
We are proud to be an Alde approved service partner. We can now carry out Alde servicing and repairs in line with manufacturers requirements.

Prior to any maintenance checks or services could all customers please ensure that their personal belongings are removed from the vehicle. This is to prevent any damage that may occur to them while in transit as well as allowing our technicians greater access to all areas.

Motorhome service and repair

Motorhome service and repair

It is important to service your Motorhome and our dedicated team are on hand to carry out a full motorhome service - giving you peace of mind that work being carried out is of a high standard.

Our comprehensive motorhome service includes:

  • Perform Any Outstanding Recall Campaigns On Motorhome
  • Motorhome Service Book Stamped/Dsr Up-To-Date
  • Bodywork Condition Report
  • Check Condition Of Number Plates
  • Check Operation Of Exterior Lights
  • Check Horn Operation
  • Check Operation Of Interior Lights
  • Check Operation Of Exterior Mirrors             
  • Check Operation Of Interior Switches And Electrical Items
  • Check Keyless Entry System Operation (If Equipped)
  • Check Operation Of Sunroof (If Equipped)
  • Check Operation Of Fuel Filler Flap
  • Check Operation And Condition Bonnet Release Cable
  • Check Operation/Condition Of All Seat Belts
  • Lubricate All Strikers And Hinges
  • Check Condition Of All Glass For Scratches, Chips & Cracks
  • Check Condition And Operation Of Screen Washers And Wipers
  • Check Tyre Condition, Pressure And Tread Depth (Inc Spare)
  • Check All Under Bonnet Fluid Levels
  • Check Starter Operation
  • Inspect Air Filter
  • Inspect Spark Plugs
  • Check Battery Condition/Security
  • Check Condition Of All Air Intake And Turbo Pipes
  • Check Condition Of Belts (Excluding Timing Belt)
  • Carry Out Brake Fluid Test Report
  • Check Antifreeze Level And Specific Gravity
  • Check Cooling Fan Operation
  • Check And Report On Air Conditioning Operation
  • Replace Engine Oil And Filter
  • Check And Report On Brake Operation Efficiencey
  • Visually Inspect Motorhome Front Brakes
  • Visually Inspect Motorhome Rear Brakes
  • Check All Motorhome Wheel Bearings For Noise, Roughness And Excessive Play
  • Check Handbrake Operation & Cables Security
  • Check Condition And Security Of All Motorhome Brake Pipes
  • Check All Steering Joints For Security And Condition
  • Check All Suspension Joints For Condition And Security
  • Check All Mountings And Gaiters For Condition And Security
  • Check Condition And Security Of Visible Fuel Lines
  • Check Condition Of Motorhome Exhaust System For Security And Leaks
  • Check All Pas Pipes For Security And Leaks
  • Check All Suspension Dampers For Security And Condition
  • Check Transmission/Differential Fluid Levels
  • Carry Out Under Body Inspection
  • Check Clutch Operation (Manual Only)
  • Carry Out Road Test
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Motorhome habitation service

Motorhome habitation service

There are two distinct types of motorhome servicing.

Motorhome Habitation servicing

This should be carried out annually on the ‘living area’of your vehicle.  We recommend that this service should be carried out annually (in line with most manufacturer’s guidance).   We use the NCC (National caravan council) habitation check sheet which incorporates checking of the gas system, water systems, electrical systems and many other functions within your motorhome.  We can also as part of your habitation check carry out a full damp check on your vehicle with our top of the range equipment.  With this option we will present accurate moisture readings to you on an NCC approved damp check report.  This can prove very useful as water ingress - if caught quickly can often be more easily repaired saving you time and money.

Motorhome Mechanical servicing

This is required in order to keep the (chassis and engine part) of your motorhome running smoothly and reliably.  This should be carried out (as a minimum) at the specified intervals recommended by the manufacturer.  We recommend that it is beneficial to carry this service out annually at the same time as the habitation check.   

A mechanical motorhome health check is undertaken free of charge when an oil and filter change is carried out.  

We can also undertake caravan servicing which includes a habitation check plus additional checks of items such as tyres, braking system, suspension, towing electrics and tow hitch condition.

Our Motorhome habitation service includes

  • Motorhome Toilet - check seals, flush and blade operation             
  • Drain down - unless advised not to 
  • Regulator - check performance       
  • Carry out gas leak test        
  • Pipe work and BBQ point - check operation and replace flexible hose and clips if necessary (where visible) 
  • Flame failure devices - check operation        
  • LPG Tank/Cylinder - check security 
  • Gas dispersal holes - check for blockage        
  • Motorhome Appliances, cooker - check flue and operation            
  • Motorhome Appliances, heating - check flue and operation            
  • MotorhomeAppliances, fridge - check seal and operation              
  • Motorhome Appliances, water heater - check flue and operation  
  • Motorhome Door locks and hinges - check operation and lubricate              
  • Motorhome Body attachments - check security  
  • Motorhome Flooring - check for delamination         
  • Motorhome Cab seat - check operation (swivel type or bed configuration only)         
  • Furniture - check condition and operation (including hinges, stays, fridge catch, etc)         
  • Window seals and blinds - check operation and condition         
  • Rising roof - check operation (where applicable)         
  • Damp test - carry out and note readings on separate report

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Motorhome damp repairs

Motorhome damp repairs

BC Motorhomes specialise and is dedicated to carrying out any damp and insurance repair work.

The new workshop is secure and large enough to take up to 8 vehicles at any one time, therefore perfect for allowing drying time. Our Caravan & Motorhome Technician  are specialists in damp repairs. Don’t be disheartened by damp in your caravan or motorhome as we are able to rectify most problems and also offer a guarantee for the work done!

External motorhome body repairs

We specialise in the repair of GRP repairs, ABS plastic, aluminum. This includes repairs to:

  • Front and back panels
  • Motorhome wheel arch splats
  • Motorhome alloy wheels
  • Dings and dents to sides
  • Complete sides (replaced if required)

Internal motorhome repairs

We are able to repair the following:

  • Cracks in motorhom shower trays
  • Chips and burns in motorhome worktops
  • Cigarette burns to motorhome upholstery
  • De-lam repairs to motorhome floors
  • Cosmetic repairs to internal wood finishes)

Insurance approved estimates supplied

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Motorhome Mobile Technician

BC Motorhomes are now mobile!

Welcome our mobile technician van

Looking to book your caravan or motorhome in for habitation check or repair but can’t get to us?

Don’t worry...We can come to you! With our mobile service/repair van and our professional experienced technicians we can make it easy for you to keep up to date with your habitation service.

Fill in one of our enquiry forms in the booking section and make sure to include all your motorhome details, address, date preference and service you require and we will take it from there!

From £185
Price varies depending on motorhome build ie Van Conversion/Coach-Built/A-Class. Gas and damp checks are an addition to the standard habitation check.

To find out more call our After-Sales Team on 01292 262 233 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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